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How well do you LISTEN to your body??

I want to  give you a profound understanding of your body's relationship with you.  BE OPEN.  This can change your life...

Your body is your ALLY - your most intimate servant and friend.  You ask it to move and it does all in it's power to respond.  You push it to limits- even to the point of injury and it proceeds to heal the damage as well as it can.  You give it food and drink and it makes the best energy for you depending on what raw materials you offer it.  You pummel it with present day toxicities and it works hard to filter them out and eliminate them to protect your tissues from inflammation and cell death.  You attack it with your unloving thoughts and it still tries it's best to keep you going.  It is completely dedicated to your conscious and unconscious directions.  It works with anything you throw at it and attempts to bring you back to a balanced state.  When you send your body love by eating good foods, decreasing toxic ingestion, appreciating its efforts- it quickly responds with a movement to the healthy states it is programmed to be in.  It wants to be in that natural place of health.  It gives you messages constantly- "something is wrong here- pay attention- please change what you are doing or I can't be in good shape for you!" But it has it's physical limits.  It will become dis-eased if you don't listen.  And your body will go down that road with you too.  There is such love and dedication. 

If you can see your body in this way and begin to treat it as your ally- it will fuel your commitment to changing the habits that attack the body's natural health.  It has been a game changer for myself and many clients!

A few examples of the body communicating with you include noticing stomach or intestinal discomfort after certain foods, getting a headache when you are dehydrated, observing if certain postures lead to musculoskeletal issues, witnessing what too much alcohol feels like after the high, appreciating when you are feeling strong in your body with exercise, or experiencing the daily fatigue of poor sleep.  All are indicators of whether you are supporting or stressing your body.  And it can go even deeper.

Your challenge is to LISTEN, decipher the messages and respond with what leads to feeling better (and better and better!)  Be AWARE.

Try it for 3 days. Begin by sitting for a 5 or more minutes daily and noticing how your body feels beginning from your head down to your toes.  Where is the tightness or soreness?  Are you able to give loving messages of appreciation to those areas of your body?  Take deep breathes and visualize the air filling and relaxing the areas that have your attention.  Are you getting any other thoughts about something you might need? 

This is a short practice of awareness and the doorway to strengthening communication between you and your devoted attendant.

Listening is Simple- maybe not easy- but it is transformational!

If you want support and direction in listening and responding to your body's messages, I would love to help.  Click here to send a message and we can connect.

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