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Dr. Ann will be your guide on the Personal Medicine Path as you discover the most effective combination of Western and Alternative health modalities to bring you to Peace and Radiant Wellness. Your Choices Matter!!

Live Your Best Life


  Defined as our Individual Choices of health care practices based on valid Information and Personal Intuition. It is the most effective & satisfying Path to Re-awakening our Innate Healing Abilities. 


Are you Ready to Know and Implement Sustainable Ways to Worry Less about your health choices, Feel Better in your body and mind, and  BE IN CONTROL of



Your body and mind are offering you information constantly. 


Discover the physical and energetic signs unique to you that guide your ability to trust the next perfect steps to take toward your Wellbeing.


Ann LoPresti MAc, DOM, RPh

Dr. Ann is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine-NM practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 20 years helping patients heal using acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxabustion, cupping, gua sha and more.  She teaches how this fascinating medicine offers a comprehensive system for activating the body’s energy to promote our innate healing abilities.  Combining this Energy medicine with Western Medicine is her specialty.


As a pharmacist for over 30 years, she has taught professionals and the general public about anatomy and physiology and the effects of medications, supplements, herbs and stress on the body.  She continues to work with patients to get the most benefit from medicines through information and mindset adjustments.


Dr. Ann’s passion as a Law of Attraction Wellness Coach certified through Quantum Success Coaching Academy encompasses guiding individuals on their exclusive path to wellbeing.  Clients design their own Personal Medicine as inspired by her knowledge and their unique inner knowing which they refine their connection to.  She facilitates and supports their integration of the best of western medicine and alternative medicine for sustainable, radiant health and wellness. 

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